Dangerosa is a British contemporary artist whose career as an artist is as colourful as her work. She was born and raised in the industrial North of England, with Cypriot and Baltic heritage helping her to create a diverse sense of identity from a young age.


Instilled with a strong work ethic and a respect for all forms of art, she found inspiration from absorbing different artistic disciplines and cultures, from music to film to mythology. Her surrealist work with its punk mentality is informed by alternative subcultures and symbolism, drawing from these topics that speak fluently through her art. A self-taught painter, she displayed an early talent for creating surrealist art and at the age of 18 made the first in a long line of collaborations, with the group Dolium.

Taking her love of art into her education, she studied animation at Huddersfield University. After completing the course with first class honours, she was employed in various industries before beginning a career as a specialist painter to high-profile artists. Blooming in this specialised practice she went on to master a photorealistic technique while continuing to develop her own artistic style and unique voice. The result is a blend of surrealism and photorealism, with cinematic storytelling and complex characterisations which explore the depth and breadth of what it feels to be human.


Storytelling is integral to Dangerosa's work. Her pieces spin narratives with the sharp kaleidoscopic vision of a dream coloured in the contemporary style that is so much her own. The span of her work includes music, video and book projects, solo and group exhibitions, features in publications, bespoke pieces for private collectors, and art production for some of the most high profile artists in the industry today such as Sir Michael Craig-Martin, Lakwena and Damien Hirst.

Dangerosa is currently based in London.